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Digital camera image of flowers

Design Desk two-day Adobe Photoshop C6 for web graphics workshop is offered once a month and is tailored for the web graphics artist who creates images for the web. In class you will learn how to create, enhance, improve, and alter your web graphics using Adobe Photoshop CC. You can request training using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS5. Design Desk uses only Adobe certified instructors.

Techniques covered will include creating photo montages, transparent gifs, web backgrounds, banners, customized buttons, navigational bars, rollovers, image maps, slices and simple animations. Student class book is Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book by Adobe Press.

Areas of Concentration Include:

  • Producing effective banners and navigational bars
  • Making buttons and rollovers
  • Vignetting or dissolving edges on images
  • Saving and optimizing images properly
  • Slicing an image and saving the HTML code
  • Combining images into a photo montage
  • Creating transparent backgrounds
  • Scanning an image for the web
  • Stylizing type
  • Scaling and sharpening images
  • Automating repeated tasks
  • Producing motion and simple animation

Click here to see a complete outline for the workshop.