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Digital camera image of flowers

Design Desk two-day Adobe Photoshop CC for digital cameras workshop is offered once a month. This two-day workshop is tailored for the person who will use Photoshop to enhance and modify images taken with a digital camera. In class you will use your own or the classroom's digital camera. Design Desk uses only Adobe certified instructors.

You will learn how to properly prepare images for printing to your color printer and for web viewing. You will take images during class with your digital camera and then import/open them up in Photoshop. Techniques covered will include how to use different features of a digital camera versus when to achieve the effect in Photoshop itself. Student class book is Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book by Adobe Press.

Areas of Concentration Include:

  • Preparing images for the web or color printer
  • Understanding the importance of exposure
  • Working with minimal lighting situations
  • Taking images and then combining them into a montage
  • Comparing digital images to 35mm images
  • Retouching images
  • Resizing and resampling images for different usages
  • Correcting imperfections in your images
  • Blurring and altering backgrounds
  • Understanding the capabilities of different digital cameras

Click here to see a complete outline for the workshop.